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The glamorous rock life...
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New Material
We have a few (5 or 6) new songs in the works. We were working on recording them but have kinda stalled a bit. There are no formal plans to release them. We have been playing them live and they seem to get a pretty good response. We like 'em anyway.
Yes, that's "Criminal" over the closing credits of the HBO movie "Normal Life". No we don't know Ashley Judd or Luke Perry.

Yes, that's an arcwelder poster in the movie "With Honors". We don't know Joe Pesci either.
Yes, that's an arcwelder (and a Jesus Lizard) poster in the movie "The Safety Of Objects". We don't know Glenn Close either.
Tour Dates
Due to other pressing obligations, we only manage to play a few shows a year. When we do play shows they are listed on our FaceBook page and here.
Other than a few isolated shows (ATP in England, Sant Feliu Fest in Catalonia) we have not been able to play outside the US. It's really unlikely that we will ever do a tour of Europe (or Australia, or South America, or Kamchatka). Not that we wouldn't love to...
Yes, we made videos. Five of them. I think they are all on YouTube now thanks to the fine folks at Wolfgang Productions.
Signing to a Major
People used to like to ask us if we're going to sign to a major label.   Now they don't.  This entry in the FAQ is completely outdated and probably should be just taken out.  We did get  a fair amount of interest from major labels, in the day, but we were/are very happy with Touch+Go. We are able to get exactly what we want out of the band without being obligated to sell a bizillion records.
Mail Order Stuff
Sorry, we are no longer offering Mail Order stuff. Our mail drone (Scott) got completely burned out on it.
Rocket Science
For some reason everyone we have ever talked to from Europe thinks Rob and Bill work for NASA. They don't.
US Mail
PO Box 2726
Loop Station
Minneapolis, MN 55402
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